Oil Changes Biggar

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Biggar Drivers Trust Knight Dodge to Change Their Vehicle’s Oil

Choosing a quality destination for your vehicle’s oil change is crucial, which is why Biggar residents always turn to the service center at Knight Dodge for an affordable yet efficient oil change. We pride ourselves on only using manufacturer recommended fluids and filters to assure that your vehicle stays in its optimal condition, and our professionally trained technicians are committed to providing you with convenient and efficient service. If you need oil change service near Biggar, stop by soon!

Importance of Changing Your Oil Regularly

Regular oil changes are key to extending the life of your vehicle and reducing the risk of engine problems down the road. Due to high operating temperatures, motor oil can experience a thermal breakdown. When this happens, lubrication wears down and your vehicle’s engine parts may rub against one another and create a shorter life span for your engine.

When you avoid changing your oil on a consistent basis, combustion gunk, corrosion, and clogged filters can also occur and eventually lead to a damaged engine. In order to stop these problems from occurring to your vehicle, invest in routine oil changes that will prevent you from having to purchase a new and extremely expensive engine.

Schedule Your Oil Change Appointment Today

Our service center is conveniently open on Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Conveniently, you can simply schedule your service appointment online at a date and time that works best for you. When you decide to choose Knight Dodge for your vehicle’s oil change, you can also count on our service technicians to assist you with other service requests such as tire rotations, brake pad changes, transmission checks, and more.


Knight Dodge is a quick drive from the Biggar area. In order to get to us:

  • Start by heading southwest toward 4 Ave. E.
  • Turn right onto 1 Ave. E and take the 2nd left onto SK-4 S.
  • Continue onto Central Ave. N and look for signs with SK-1 W/Trans Canada Highway/Medicine Hat.
  • Continue onto 1 Ave. NW and turn right onto Chaplin St. W.
  • Take the 2nd left onto 3 Ave. NW.
  • Take the 1st left onto Cheadle St. W an we’ll be on your left.