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For Affordable Oil Changes, Fort MacLeod Drivers Choose Knight Dodge

Here at Knight Dodge, the premier car dealership near Fort MacLeod, we are committed to quality in everything that we do. That dedication extends to our service center, where Fort MacLeod drivers can expect affordable and convenient auto maintenance tasks such as oil changes. Getting regular oil changes really can save you money in the long run by preventing engine wear and even costly breakdowns. When your vehicle is nearing the 3,000-mile or three-month mark, bring it by the service center at Knight Dodge.

Why are Oil Changes Essential?

  • Oil changes lead to improved engine performance: An engine cannot operate at its full potential if its internal moving parts are not clean and lubricated. Motor oil allows for a smoother and quieter commute.
  • Getting regular oil changes is better for the environment: Clean and fresh oil is much less likely to burn than old, dirty oil. This means that less harmful emissions will be released into the air.
  • Your engine life will be prolonged: Oil changes keep your engine free of debris that can damage engine parts. This is especially important if you drive in dusty or dirty conditions.
  • You will see better gas mileage: When you get an oil change, there is less friction among engine parts. That friction ends up slowing down your engine, causing you to refuel more often.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change Today

If you are in the Fort MacLeod area and have been neglecting taking your car in for regular oil changes, complete our online maintenance request form to set up an appointment today. Help keep your vehicle on the road and running smoothly for a long time to come. Let the certified technicians at Knight Dodge get your vehicle back to optimal performance with a quick and affordable oil change.

To get to Knight Dodge from Fort MacLeod:

  • Head north on 5 Ave toward 20 St.
  • Turn right onto 23 St/Crowsnest Hwy/AB-3 E.
  • Turn right onto Township Rd 120.
  • Turn right onto Buffalo Trail/AB-1 E/AB-41 S.
  • Continue onto SK-1 E.
  • Take the 11th Avenue Northwest exit toward City Centre.
  • Turn right onto 11 Ave NW.
  • Turn left onto Cheadle St W. You will find us at 208 Cheadle St W in Swift Current.