Oil Changes Kerrobert

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Knight Dodge is the Top Dealership For Fast, Efficient Oil Changes Near Kerrobert

If you’re looking for the highest quality routine auto service near Kerrobert, schedule an appointment with our certified automotive technicians here at Knight Dodge in Swift Current! Oil changes are one of the most important routine services, as they will prevent many common issues and will keep your vehicle running as smoothly as possible for years to come.

Here is just a brief look at what oil changes do for your vehicle:

  • Maintain Proper Engine Performance: Clean oil is vital to maintaining peak engine function. It provides lubrication for all moving components, keeps the engine block free from tarnish, and properly disperses heat. Should you choose not to change your oil every three months or after 3,000-5,000 miles, you will likely notice a drop in overall performance.
  • Maintain Your Fuel Economy: Since all oil deteriorates from continued use, waiting to change it can generate gunk buildup, and contaminants can get into the engine. When this happens, your engine needs to work harder to function at normal levels. Even if you continue to use similar driving habits for optimum fuel efficiency, it won’t matter because your engine is straining itself with deteriorated oil.
  • Your Engine Will Last Longer: Between the obvious efficiency and performance benefits that regular oil changes have to offer, there are financial advantages as well. Changing your oil four times a year costs much less than having to fill up your tank more often from driving with dirty oil, or replacing your engine altogether because it overheated.

Make an Oil Change Appointment with Knight Dodge Today

If you would like to schedule your next oil change over the phone, simply contact our service staff at (306) 773-9301! Our dealership can be found at 208 Cheadle Street in Swift Current, which is 287 km from Kerrobert.

Follow these directions from Kerrobert to reach our dealership:

  • Take SK-27 S to SK-7 E and turn left onto SK-7.
  • Turn right onto SK-4 S and continue onto Central Avenue N.
  • Continue onto 1st Avenue NW and then turn right onto Chaplin Street.
  • Take the second left onto 3rd Avenue NW and then take the first left onto Cheadle Street.
  • We’ll be on the left!