Oil Changes Rosetown

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Rosetown Drivers Visit Knight Dodge For Fast, High-Quality Oil Changes

When it comes to providing customers with the best automotive service in the area, our highly-trained and certified technicians here at Knight Dodge in Swift Current are second-to-none. We believe strongly in the value of regular vehicle maintenance, which is why our service department offers competitively priced oil changes near Rosetown to ensure the long life of your engine!

Keeping a Consistent Oil Change Schedule and Why it Matters

Fresh oil is one of the most important fluids in your vehicle. It keeps moving components properly lubricated, transfers heat away from the engine, and prevents metal parts from corroding. However, depending on what type of oil your vehicle requires, there are a certain amount of additives that slowly break down when your car is used on a regular basis. This is a natural process, as there is only so much that oil can do over 3,000-5,000 miles.

If you don’t receive an oil change every time your vehicle hits one of those milestones, the oil you drive with won’t be able to perform its job very well. You’ll likely experience poor performance, decreased fuel efficiency, and an engine that is at a high risk of overheating. Trust us when we say that making sure your car receives a consistent oil change every three months is way more affordable than a replacement engine!

Bring Your Vehicle Here For its Next Oil Change

Don’t get stuck waiting in line or trying to free up your busy schedule! When you fill out our online maintenance request form, all you have to do is let us know what date and time works best for you to get your oil changed. We’ll give you a call or send an email to confirm your appointment and you’ll be all set. It’s that easy!

To make an oil change or service appointment over the phone, contact our maintenance staff at (306) 773-9301 at your convenience. Our dealership is located at 208 Cheadle Street in Swift Current, which is about 155 km from Rosetown via SK-4 S, so stop by soon!