Oil Changes Shaunavon

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Shaunavon Drivers Bring Their Vehicles to Knight Dodge For Thorough, Quality Oil Change Service

One of the easiest, most affordable ways to guarantee that your engine lasts for as long as possible is to have your vehicle’s oil changed on a consistent basis. Here at Knight Dodge in Swift Current, our certified, experienced technicians will make sure your car is taken care of properly. Our service department only uses manufacturer recommended fluids and filters to ensure the highest quality every time, so it’s no wonder why we’re the preferred oil change provider near Shaunavon!

Keep Your Vehicle Running Efficiently

Due to the additives in oil, there is a set amount of time that it will stay clean and useable. Most auto manufacturers recommend getting an oil change every three months or 3,000-5,000 miles for engines that use gasoline. If you put off oil changes in order to spend less money on service every year, you’ll actually end up spending more on gas, and much more on costly repairs when your powertrain breaks down.

Oil is a vital fluid that keeps critical components lubricated, transfers heat away from the engine, and cleans metal pieces by keeping them free of varnish. Driving your car with oil that has become dirty over time can cause a drop in performance and fuel efficiency, as well as an increased risk of your engine overheating.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change!

To make an oil change appointment at Knight Dodge, all you have to do is fill out an online service request form. Simply let our technicians know what date and time works best for you to bring your car to us, and we’ll give you a call or send an email to confirm your appointment. It’s that quick and easy!

If you prefer to make your appointment over the phone, contact our service professionals at (306) 773-9301! When it’s time for your appointment, stop by our dealership at 208 Cheadle Street in Swift Current, just over an hour from Shaunavon by way of SK-37 N and SK-1 E. We look forward to serving you!